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Living Stones, Last month

The A/C has been fixed.

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Lynn Colman, Last month
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Belinda Dyal, Last month

Weve used them for years. Office staff is Always very courteous when answering the phone and techs are great - they explain what they are doing and answer all of our questions

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David Chall, Last month

I dealt with every part of this company; the late night weekend on call service, to the Monday morning scheduling office and HVAC service guy in person. Repairing my AC in the middle of August was made as painless as it could be thanks for Facemyer. A woman at the office did extra investigating on a warranty part for me, and was able to save me almost $400. I can't recommend them enough.

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Kitei Sechler, Last month

Extremely honest! I had 3 different companies over here. Each one wanted to sell me a brand new unit! I can't afford one, so does that mean I have to sit in the heat? This company came and fixed my issue and saved me thousands of dollars and now.... I have air! I will use them from now on. Thank you so much Facemyer!

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Laura Smith Godek, Last month

I have used Facemyer AC for years- they have always taken good care of my Air conditioning system. They show up when they say they will, and they fix whatever the issue is. And I'm left nice and cool. And that makes me very happy.

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anthony fedullo, Last month

Very professional firm Office always available,no long holds. Office confirms service appointments with call before arrival. Techs are polite and knowledgeable. Would definitely use again. You

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Thirsia Fraticelli Pike, Last month

Great service. Repairman was knowledgeable, on time. He made recommendations about parts that needed replacing and gave me the choice of now or later. I replaced all parts he suggested . No worries. Thank you!

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Dale Driggs, This year

I tried cleaning the condensate line and resetting all the breakers, but my outside AC unit would just not come on. Red from Facemyer was very polite and walked through all the steps for diagnosing the issue. In the end, it was a faulty cut off breaker and Red should me how he tested it so that I could do the same in the future. Absolutely awesome service and professionalism. He got my AC up in no time. Highly recommend!

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Lori Epperson, This year

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