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Delia Fuentes, Last month

Excelente work.

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Kirsten Watson, Last month

Cory was awesome! Contacted them on a Sunday and they had our tech out within 2 hours. Very responsive, professional, and fixed our AC for only the service fee. I would recommend them and will certainly use them in the future!

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David Varnagy, Last month
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Scott Ferris, Last month

Everyone is so helpful and friendly.

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Kerry Frances Costa, Last month

Facemyer has saved me and my A/C!!

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Jeffrey Davis, Last month

"Peace of Mind" ! That's what Facemyer Air Conditioning & Heating provides for our family. We've never had one hiccup, never a breakdown since we've been on the Annual Maintence Plan offered by Facemyer.

It's a good plan in that no stone is left unturned and it's " Preventative" in nature. They've spotted potential issues in advance and we addressed them and that strategy works...and we are Heavy Users of our AC & Heating. When it's 97 degrees outside... we feel really good about the 75 degrees inside. The Annual Preventative plan really delivers, "Peace of Mind".

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Jewell Geddie, Last month

The entire company is wonderful. Ferris is my technician, and he is always on time and answers any questions I have. My A/C installation was seamless and there was nothing for me to clean up . A+ company

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Rebecca Selover, Last month
melissa keyes's Profile Image
melissa keyes, Last month

Ferris is the best! I'm very satisfied with the service and professionalism from this company. I highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed.

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David Hirsh, Last month

Excellent service I would definitely recommend this company for all A/C and heating repairs and/or service.


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