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Rudy S, Last month

Always a good experience with Facemyer. The tech is always friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. I've used them exclusively for a few years now. I started by having them service an old unit. That became the purchase of a new unit and they've been maintaining it ever since. I'm happy with the service and not looking for anyone else.

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Jean Evans, Last month

Losing power on a Sunday is not a good time! I called and the tech answered within the hour and was out in 2. He was professional, pleasant and then spoke with the well tech, I have a water cooled heat pump. It was the well pump and not the heat pump. Honest and thorough! Will definitelty always use them.

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Hugh Paulk, Last month

Some of the best people you ever gonna deal with in the AC business.

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Delores Haig, Last month
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Brooke Bushika, Last month
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Jim Snead, Last month
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Julius Hajas, Last month

Overall very good service. Used them as a back up to my regular AC repair man who was out of town on vacation.

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Georgine Fitz Coligure, Last month

They are a great customer service oriented company! My a/c stopped working late in the afternoon on Friday and a service call was sent immediately. The tech checked the unit, inside and out, found the problem and repaired it, all within an hour of my call.

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Shannon McGlothin, Last month

Highly recommended. Quick response and repair.

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ericleah18, Last month

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