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Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats in Sanford, FL

Imagine trying to steer a car without any power steering. It is pretty much impossible. That is what it is like to try to control your home's heating and cooling systems without a good thermostat in the house. When it comes down to it, it literally pays to have a modern, updated, and efficient thermostat.

Whether you need to upgrade your thermostat or simply get your current thermostat back in working order, our team is here to help. Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating can provide Smart / Wi-Fi thermostat installation for some of the best products out there that offer the best benefits. We also provide Smart/Wi-Fi thermostat repair for anyone looking to keep their current unit working right.

Contact our team today for service in Sanford, FL. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort.

Let’s Get That Project Started

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

Are you looking to take your first steps towards having a smart home in Sanford,FL? If so smart / Wi-Fi thermostat installation is a great place to start. Upgrading your thermostat is going to improve your energy efficiency overall which will in turn benefit your comfort and your wallet.

If you are hoping to install a new smart thermostat or Wi-Fi thermostat in your home, you don’t want to do this alone. While a thermostat installation may not seem like a big job, it does require a lot of expertise if it is to be done right. This is why your best option is to reach out to our team of trained professionals to get your new thermostat installed properly.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement

Maybe you tried to do a thermostat installation yourself or let an amateur try their hand at it. Chances are, this has left your thermostat working but leaving a lot to be desired about how it works. Likewise there is a chance that you have a Google home thermostat or an Alexa thermostat that simply has gotten too old to function correctly. In either of these cases you’re going to want to schedule a smart / Wi-Fi thermostat replacement with a team of professionals as soon as possible.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair

Even the most modern of thermostats is going to run into trouble sometimes. It could be a miscalibration or a problem with wiring that is messing with the connection to your air conditioner or heater. Whatever the cause, if something is wrong with your thermostat, it is going to negatively impact your comfort. Scheduling repairs sooner than later is the best way to address this issue. Here are some indicators that you need to schedule a repair for your smart thermostat:

  • The home is always either too hot or too cold.
  • There is a delay when you try to use your thermostat.
  • The temperature reading is always incorrect.
  • Your energy bills are on the rise.

If you notice these or other indicators that something may be wrong with your smart / Wi-Fi thermostat, make sure to reach out to a professional team to get things working again. The NATE-certified technicians at Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating are ready to get your repairs taken care of. We work with a variety of systems and know how to get your thermostat back into working order. All of our repairs are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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