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Andrew Z.'s Profile Image
Andrew Z.

Excellent customer service!
Workmanship of installers was suburb!
AC unit works great.
Excellent communication.
Very pleased!
Would definitely use their services again!

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I definitely recommend this company. They went above and beyond our expectations with our A/C installation. Everyone we encountered was very professional, even the after hours individuals. My husband and i appreciate how thorough this staff was and the way they made sure to explain and show us everything to ensure we understood and saw what they worked on. They were even early for their installation appointment! Thank you so much!

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Barbara S.

We have used Facemyer for the past ten years, they are always courteous, on time, and are knowledgeable. They installed one of our units when we put an addition on our house and we have used them ever since. They offer contracts to service our units twice a year for reasonable prices and are pleased with their work.

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Hey Rod, First, I want to say that your emergency service has been excellent. The two times I have needed help on a weekend you have done a great job.

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Jason McCray, This week

Our AC system was not working properly (one of our dampers stopped working) the night before we were scheduled to leave on a vacation. We contacted Facemyer who promptly sent out someone to check our system that night. The repairman was professional and quickly determined what the issue was and was able to fix the system temporarily so we could leave the next day. They ordered the parts to repair the system and fixed it the first Monday we were back in town.

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Melodie Squitieri, This week

This company is the best out there. I have used them for the past 7 years. They are very reasonable, great customer service and very friendly. They also get the job done and never had any issues. Highly recommend this company. You won't be disappointed!!

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Melodie Rose Squitieri, This week

I have used Facemyer AC for the past 7 years and they are the best. Great customer service, which is rare these days, great prices plus they are friendly and helpful!! I highly recommend them.

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Bradley Hadesty, Last week
Natasha Randolph's Profile Image
Natasha Randolph, Last week

This was my first time using this company and I am impressed. The technician diagnosed problem quickly and replaced the broken part. The entire visit was only 15-20 minutes and the customer service was also great. I will definitely recommend this company to everyone I know.

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Churros Horchatas, Last week

Our AC unit stopped blowing cold air and we were pretty sure refrigerant was leaking somewhere. The capacitors were still good and the fans at the condenser and handler were working fine. We've had AC repairman out so often and spent hours watching YouTube videos that we were pretty sure there was a leak.

We were able to schedule service the next day and were greeted by Ferris. He was exemplary. He has a very warm demeanor and loves to explain everything he's doing.

After running his routine diagnostics, we went ahead with a leak test and he was able to find the leaking refrigerant at the handler coils.

A week later and we now have nice cold AC. They had to order the under-warranty coils. I can't emphasize enough how friendly and professional Ferris is. If I was his supervisor, I'd do whatever possible to retain talent like him.

He's the equivalent of Chick-fil-A service, but for AC. We will only ask for Ferris from this point forward. He was INCREDIBLY kind, never pushed us to buy any service or products and explained the pros and cons each step of the way. If we wanted just a quick refill of the refrigerant even though he was sure there was a leak somewhere, he'd still pump it for you and be on his way. He would give you his professional recommendation though and tell you that what he's about to do is only a bandage fix.

Superb experience and service. Overall fix was a bit pricey but we felt very confident in his services.

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