This Common Piece of AC Advice Is Totally Wrong

March 13th, 2023

We live in an information-packed society, where we can access a world of data from professionals with only a few keystrokes.

We can also access a world of rumor, hearsay, and urban legends with those same keystrokes, and telling apart legitimate information from “stuff somebody wrote on the internet” can be tricky.

The experts have a place to speak, but false information also has room to continue to propagate.

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The Heat Is Already Here, So Get Your AC Ready With Maintenance

February 27th, 2023

It’s the end of February as we’re writing this, and the weather outdoors is in the upper 80s. That’s Florida for you.

Almost a full month from the official first day of spring and we’re in the middle of summer temperatures.

This weather is a good reason to bring up one of the most important HVAC topics of any year: scheduling professional air conditioning maintenance.

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Do I Need an Air Purifier or an Air Filter for My Home?

February 13th, 2023

If you’re asking this question because you want to know in general if indoor air quality devices are helpful for your home, whether an air purification system or air filtration system, then the answer is yes. You may not absolutely need one, but we highly recommend it.

Most homes have unwanted contaminants floating through their air. It’s difficult to avoid because of the numerous sources of indoor pollutants and the way houses have strong insulation against outdoor air that limits fresh air circulation.

But if your question is more specific—you want to know if you should purchase either an air filter or an air purifier for your home—then our answer is you can have both—and maybe you should. We’ll explain in more detail below.

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Heat Pump vs. Electric Furnace: Which Is Better?

January 30th, 2023
Technician-working-on-heat-pump 2

Homes that have a connection to a natural gas line often use a gas furnace to provide heating

This is sensible, as it makes the best use of the gas supply and takes advantage of the immense heating power and reliability of a gas furnace. 

But what about all-electric homes? 

There are two standard options to heat a home using only electricity. The most common for many decades was the electric furnace.

Now, the heat pump has emerged as a popular alternative. Is there a clear choice between these two when it comes to choosing your home heating in Maitland, FL?

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Ways to Tell It’s Time to Call for Furnace Repair

January 16th, 2023

Furnaces aren’t equipped with complex computer systems that alert you to problems as soon as they start to occur (at least not yet), so often major malfunctions can sneak up on you.

You don’t want your furnace to catch you by surprise in the middle of winter when it abruptly breaks down. The best way to detect early problems is to know the warning signs.

Below we’ve listed the ways to tell you that you need to call us for furnace repair in Altamonte Springs, FL. When in doubt, always rely on the professionals to diagnose your furnace troubles and find solutions.

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Is Your Heat Pump Stuck in One Mode? Let’s Find Out Why

December 19th, 2022

Using a heat pump in Apopka, FL, or anywhere in Central Florida, is a great way to make your home a comfort oasis. No matter the outdoor temperature, you can turn your heat pump on and expect to get energy-efficient comfort from it—whether powerful cooling or the right level of warmth for a rainy day. 

As much as we love heat pumps and often recommend them to customers, no heat pump will work perfectly all the time. A malfunction that people sometimes encounter with heat pumps is when they get stuck in one mode.

You may have come to this blog because you need your heat pump to turn to heating mode for the first time in months. Yet when you set the thermostat for heating, you only get room temperature air from the vents, or maybe even cold air. 

We’ll take a look at why this might happen and what can be done to get your heat pump to work the way you need it to.

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It Might Be Time to Retire Your AC

December 5th, 2022

As the rest of the country starts to buckle down for a cold winter, we’re lucky enough to enjoy more sunshine and warm weather for at least the majority of days to come. Even with our chilly nights, we still depend on our air conditioners to help us sleep on particularly warm nights, and even to fight the humidity that can make our homes uncomfortable.

For our customers who may have older air conditioners, the time might be quickly approaching when you may want to have the system replaced by a newer, more energy-efficient AC. Especially with new SEER2 regulations on the horizon, this might be your chance to save big on an air conditioner that will keep you comfy in the future.

Let’s talk about ways to find out if your system is old and needs replacement, or if you just need AC repair in Lake Mary, FL.

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What Actually Happens During Heater Maintenance?

November 21st, 2022

It’s no secret that a lot of people are in financial trouble this year. With record-breaking inflation, as well as the cost of goods and services going up, people want to make sure they know where their money is going. We completely understand, and we’re not really in the business of convincing our customers to pay for anything they don’t need. So, usually the first thing to get scrutiny from customers on a budget is heater maintenance.

But the truth is that heater maintenance in Winter Park, FL is actually much more valuable than most people realize. In fact, depending on the type of heating system you have, it could help tremendously with the safety, comfort, and efficiency of your home, as long as it’s invested in yearly.

Keep in mind, the money you don’t spend on maintenance might be money spent later on early repairs or the energy required to run your inefficient and neglected heating system!

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The True Cost of AC Repair

November 7th, 2022

It’s been an unusually long cooling season this year, which means for anyone who spent the time and money to get their AC repaired or maintained, then you’re reaping the benefits. But sometimes these systems can run into problems that were unforeseen and you’ll need to contact a professional by searching online for “air conditioning repair near me.” After sifting around a little bit, you’ll likely find a reputable team (like ours) to handle your request and schedule an appointment.

However, the moment you start checking your bank account, things can get a little weird. How much is AC repair going to cost? Is it going to cost as much as your neighbor’s AC did to repair? Should you wait a few weeks to get it fixed, or perhaps you should hire the cheapest AC repair technician available?

These are all great questions and ones we’re going to answer today. You deserve the answers and they will help you tremendously when you start scheduling AC repair appointments.

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The SEER2 Update: Big Changes in 2023

October 24th, 2022

We’ve got a lot to talk about today. Not only are we going to talk about some ways you could save money in the coming year with a high-efficiency heat pump, but we’re also going to explain some of the big changes coming up with the Inflation Reduction Act. You might have heard about this on the news a little bit, but there are some huge provisions and industry-wide changes that are coming quickly to the HVAC industry.

While prices are going to sharply increase on new AC or heat pump installations due to the SEER2 regulation updates, there are also great tax credits and rebates that can help even out the costs and ensure you end up with the most energy-efficient HVAC system available. While you could keep your older AC throughout the next few years, you might end up spending more on pesky AC repairs in Oviedo, FL, where a new system would last for a decade or more.

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