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Les Tandler, Last week

Honest, clean looking, Ferris is caring and truthful. Have used Facemyer, three times and always on time. Very fair pricing.

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MoManager Dani, Last week
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Robert Rivera, This month

From the phone call up to the tech arriving was on point. He did an awesome job repairing the unit and took his time making sure everything was done properly. I recommend this A/C repair company. They come prepared with the right tools to get the job done and waste no time.

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Lorraine Holland, This month

I've been using Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating since 1998! They are an excellent company, very knowledgable, user friendly, and prompt. Ferris has been my tech for many years and I would Highly recommend him for you A/C and heating needs!

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Pamela Pearl, This month
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Ada Rottler, Last month
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Flying Fox Fruits, Last month

Simply amazing, they got the job done before the weekend, and were able to source the parts needed so i didn't have to wait, even through shortages....the staff was very courteous, and went the extra mile to make sure I got cooled down. The tech was professional and very prompt, and covered his feet when coming in the house....i will only use this company now.

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Chris Stubbs, Last month
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David Frazier, Last month

Facemyer has always shown the professionalism in a company that's interested in treating their clients with the up most respect. I started with them from ground zero, meaning they installed a new unit for me. since that time it's been smooth sailing and i've been a Happy camper ever since. kodos to Mr. Ferris for a job well done.

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Shiro Takaki, Last month

They're honest and professional
I have been with them more than 15 years

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