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Ron Ballentine, This month

I'm a member of Facemyer A/C's The Platinum Maintenance Plan, a twice-per-year preventative maintenance program. Facemyer was at my home in late Dec to perform the second scheduled maintenance on my two systems (both are just under two years old). The upstairs smaller unit ended up having a bad valve which was still under manufacturer warranty and did not cost me anything to replace; however, the labor and extra refrigerant costs were my responsibility. Although I received a discount on my costs for being in The Platinum Maintenance Plan, I still had to pay for labor and refrigerant. Those two things combined were expensive; however, Facemyer informed me of a program Trane has where they will consider compensating a customer who has to pay such costs as labor/misc expenses due to faulty parts under warranty. Facemyer provided me with all the information I needed to submit for consideration the claim to Trane, and they also provided me and Trane with backup information (invoices, documentation to support that we properly maintained both systems after purchase). I don't know how long it will take Trane to render a decision, but hopefully they will provide some compensation to defray my costs due to their defective, under warranty part. I'll follow up with this review if and when something happens with regard to Trane's decision. In spite of the costs I incurred for labor and refrigerant, my view of Facemyer A/C is NOT tarnished in any way. They are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and very responsive to our needs with regard to our two systems. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. They have superb office staff who will work around your schedule for whatever you need, and their field techs know what they're doing.

Jun 9, 2022:
- Update to the above comments. Trane provided funds to me to help defray the cost I incurred due to the defective part under warranty.
- Today, Brandon, a technician from Facemyer AC & Heating performed the first of two preventative maintenance visits for 2022. He arrived on time and was very courteous and thorough in his work. I still hold Facemyer in high regard and would recommend them to family and friends.

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Frank Karp, This month

Always helpful at a fair price

Won't be disappointed

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Charles Graybill, This month

Brandon did a thorough cleaning of the clogged up draining system.

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david ross, Last month
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Cliff Lee, Last month
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Rev Ell, Last month
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Donalyn Knight, Last month

Awesome experience! Dependable and reliable- very knowledgeable and professional- keep up the great work guys!

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Anthony Waslesyn, Last month

They have been responsive and very professional
"Red" (service Technician) has been a pleasure to work with

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John Zawacki, Last month
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Seth Scott Elkins, Last month

Brandon came out to help us last week and he was so knowledgeable and was able to convey the issue in layman terms. The price is always fair by AC standards and we have even had to call in the middle of the night previously, and had someone come.

Great work Facemyer, and thank you Brandon!

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