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Anna, This month
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Tristan Thompson, Last month

Ferris was absolutely amazing, actually listened to us, helped us out, didn't tell us we needed another AC unit, dude is great, we talked about cars, how hvac works, things like that, real easy to get along with and was absolutely perfect, the guy is the man with the plan, thank you again brother.

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Courtney T, Last month

I highly recommend Facemyer and the service tech Red Borck. My A/C kept backing up Sunday (the day before labor day) and Facemyer was the ONLY COMPANY that called me back within an hour to assign me to a tech. I have a 1 year old son and I am a single mom. I do not know much about A/C let alone what to do when an issue happens so i immediately starting freaking out. Red Borck provided me OUTSTANDING customer service and didn't make me feel like the company only wanted money from me first. He honestly treated me like family. He was helping me and guiding me over the phone how to quickly fix my float from refilling back up so my son and I could sleep through the night till he came out the next day to repair my A/C system. Facemyer is the best company and customer service I have EVER received from ANY company I have dealt with. Red Borck quickly fixed my A/C and I also purchased the top tier service contract. This company is 100% honest with you and treats you like family.

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Cheryl Piety, Last month

I would recommend this company to anyone who is in need of installation for repairs and or maintenance! Ferris the technician was so professional courteous and patient!

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Linda Timmons, Last month

"Red" was professional, pleasant and explained thoroughly our a/c problem. In today's work ethic, there are not many who work and speak to people with a smile. Keep up the good work Red, you do make a difference!

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Dianne Dougherty, Last month
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Aaron Streimish, Last month

Professional service for home HVAC repair. Tech was great and 3 hour response time on one of the hottest days of the year was great.

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Robert Schools, Last month
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Deb G, Last month

They came out and gave us their professional opinion on moving forward which we did, and their prices were reasonable compared to the other companies we priced. Happy with our choice, will refer!

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Linda Stasak Emerine, Last month

Simply the best! Always very pleasant and professional, and you can count on them to do things right for a reasonable price.

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