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When Should You Get Your Compressor Repaired?

For anyone out there who might be unfamiliar, the compressor is the central most important component of your air conditioner. While yes, many components are important to the cooling process, the compressor represents the heart of your AC unit and the component responsible for actually cooling the air in your home. Without this vital part, your air conditioner would just be one oversized fan!

Today, we’d like to talk a bit more about a question that homeowners often ask us. If you run into a problem with your air conditioner and it turns out that you need expensive AC repairs in Sanford, FL made on the compressor, is it worth it? Or should you just get your whole system replaced for the best long-term investment?

We appreciate how you’re thinking about this! But the answer might depend on a lot of different factors, and we’ll be getting into each of these down below.

What the Compressor Does

The compressor of your air conditioner is like the engine of your car. It’s the most important component because it actually does the thing your air conditioner is known for doing.

The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant in your air conditioner, which forces it to condense and evaporate over time. Evaporating refrigerant draws heat into it, which cools the air around it. Then, when the refrigerant condenses outdoors, it deposits the heat into the atmosphere where it goes away.

The compressor is also the component that uses the most energy in your air conditioning system. Pressurizing the refrigerant and cycling it around is one of the most energy-intensive processes that take place in your home. So, if your compressor breaks down, you’ve got a big problem!

Why You Might Repair a Compressor

Not everyone should immediately think of getting their system replaced when the compressor breaks down. If you’ve got a relatively new air conditioner (one that’s only a few years old), and all the other components seem to be in good shape, then repairing your compressor might be the most cost-effective decision. AC systems are meant to last for 10-15 years, so replacing your whole system when it’s only two years old could be a huge waste.

Reasons to Get Your System Replaced

For many other homeowners out there, a broken-down compressor could signal the perfect time to get your whole system replaced. If your AC is nearing 10 years in age, or it’s starting to show other signs of wear and tear, like the need for yearly repairs and poor comfort control, then we recommend replacing the entire unit.

Remember, compressor repairs are expensive, so it’s important to focus on the long-term investment for your home, rather than what’s cheap now.

The Rule of Half

We have a rule of thumb that many homeowners can use. If the cost of a repair on your system is half or more of the cost that a new installation would be priced at, then we recommend getting the replacement. No repair is worth over half the cost of a new system being installed in your home.

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