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Are DIY Air Conditioner Repairs a Good Idea?


When something seemingly minor goes wrong with your air conditioner, you may be tempted to search online for a solution that you can implement yourself. But we really advise against any DIY AC repair in Winter Park. Not only are you sacrificing safety, but you may wind up needing to call for a professional repair anyway.

Keep reading to learn why you should leave any air conditioning repairs to a professional contractor. Then give our team a call to schedule your appointment and ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Safety Concerns

One of the biggest concerns with attempting do-it-yourself air conditioning repairs is that you don’t have the appropriate knowledge and experience to get the job done correctly. You may think that doing a quick search online will yield all of the instructions you need to fix an AC problem. However, what you think is a problem may not actually be the problem at all. 

You may get into the repair job only to find out that the problem is different than you anticipated. It’s so easy to do something wrong that leaves your home and family at risk without even realizing anything is wrong. After all, your air conditioner is connected to major electrical lines and has chemical refrigerant that also poses risks. 

Repair Risks

Aside from risking safety, you also run the risk of doing more damage than good. Instead of fixing an air conditioning problem, you may cause additional problems that are even more expensive to repair. All of the components inside your air conditioner are delicate and have to work together just right to produce efficient cooling cycles.

It’s easy to think that you were saving money by coming up with a do-it-yourself solution. But instead, you may wind up spending even more money than you would have on whatever was originally wrong. Just go ahead and give our team a call the first time around.

Legal Considerations

You also have to consider that having anyone work on an air conditioning unit without the proper certifications is illegal. HVAC technicians must attend schooling and then pass tests to earn credentials. After that, they have to continue their education annually to stay up on the latest laws and technology related to HVAC systems. 

When you work on your air conditioner yourself, you’re breaking the law. It’s easy to think this isn’t a huge deal if nobody finds out. But if you plan to sell your home in the future and a home inspection returns that changes were made to your air conditioner without the help of a licensed professional, you may be left paying money out of pocket at that point to address the issue then.

Call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating if you need professional AC service for your home. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort!

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