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Tips for Boosting AC Energy Efficiency This Summer


As temperatures creep higher and higher, you may be looking for ways to boost energy efficiency when it comes to keeping your home cool. We have some tips for just that. Keep reading to learn more about the things that you can do to lower your energy costs this summer while still keeping your home comfortable.

If you’re still struggling with high energy costs, you can schedule professional AC maintenance in Winter Springs. Sometimes your air conditioner needs a little bit of extra help to operate efficiently, and if you haven’t already scheduled professional maintenance this year, now is a great time.

Thermostat Settings

We know that the goal here is to keep your home cool and comfortable while spending less on energy costs. When you set your thermostat just a few degrees higher, you can alleviate some of the strain on your unit. Your AC can only realistically cool your home around 20° lower than the outdoor temperature.

Experts recommend that you set your thermostat to 78° during the day for cooling. Then, increase the setting a little more when you’re away from home or asleep at night. You can set your thermostat lower, but each degree costs you more and more on your monthly energy costs. 

Clean Your Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor portion of your air conditioner has fins that protect the inside components from debris. These fins collect dirt and debris like leaves and sticks every day. When the fins are clogged, airflow is blocked and heat cannot escape your home efficiently. It’s a good idea to occasionally rinse off the outdoor unit using your water hose set to a gentle water pressure. When heat can escape effectively, your AC cools down your home without as much effort to do so. 

Clean Your Indoor Vents

No matter how great your AC air filter is, some dust and dirt collect in and around your AC unit. One less obvious place to look for dust buildup is around air vents that lead from your air conditioner. Remove the vent covers at least a couple of times per year and wipe them down to prevent dust buildup from blocking airflow. It’s easy to think a layer of dust won’t make that big of a difference in your AC’s efficiency, but it does. If you can’t take off the vent covers yourself, use your vacuum cleaner to get dust off each one.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Most AC air filters are rated to last for one to three months. When you purchase an air filter, check to see what timeframe yours is rated for. But don’t just put it in place and forget about it. Instead, set a reminder to change out the air filter on time. 

It’s even a good idea to check the filter a little earlier than it is estimated to need changing. Some months your air filter may collect more dust and dirt and need to be changed more often. Maintaining a clean filter is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that your AC is cooling your home efficiently. 

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