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Why Does My AC Smell Bad?


If you’ve noticed the air coming from your AC smells bad, that’s a red flag that you need to schedule air conditioning repair in Sanford. Bad odors coming from your AC are always a problem that requires immediate attention. 

The air that comes out of air conditioning vents should never have an odor, good or bad. You can keep reading to learn more about some common AC smells and why each one is problematic. Then give our team a call to schedule your service appointment and get ahead of the problem before it worsens.

Burning Odors

If it smells like your air conditioner is burning, you should definitely treat the problem seriously. Turn your air conditioner off completely and leave it off until our team can visit your home and complete an inspection. You may have components that are grinding together and overheating or you could have an electrical issue like loose wiring

No matter what the cause of the burning odors is, your home and family face risks if you allow it to continue. We know that it can be inconvenient to turn your air conditioner off completely and not use it, but risking a fire hazard is a much larger problem that you want to avoid.

Musty or Moldy Smells

A musty or moldy odor coming from your air conditioner can indicate mold growth somewhere in the system. The most common place for mold to develop is in the condensate drain line. This is where moisture that collects from your air conditioner during the cooling process channels out of your home. 

The process of removing humidity is how your air conditioner elevates cooling. But mold thrives in dark and damp environments like the condensate drain line. If you don’t flush the line each month with vinegar, mold can get significant enough that it causes water backups and leaks that result in musty odors.

If the condensate drain line is not the problem, mold can also develop anywhere else in your air conditioner. With the right factors in place, mold spores can thrive and spread. Addressing a mold infestation is crucial. Our team can also get down to the root cause of the mold growth and address it to prevent mold from coming back again in the future.

Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg smell is most commonly attributed to a gas leak. If you have gas lines in your home, that could be the cause of a rotten egg smell instead of your air conditioner. Even though gas itself does not have an odor, many service companies do add an odor to make it easier to identify gas leaks when they happen.

If you do not have gas lines, or you are certain that the bad odor is coming from your air conditioner, the problem could instead be rodents. Oftentimes, small animals look for ways to get out of the heat and cold and may make their way into your air conditioning system. If a rodent dies inside the unit, it can result in a rotting odor as it decays inside your air conditioner. Our team can address this problem, as well as any damage caused by a rodent infestation.

Call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating if you suspect a refrigerant leak in your home. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort!

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