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Central Florida’s Choice


Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating Blog

Why Choose Us?

As temperatures warm up in this area, homeowners are beginning to search online for the right team to perform AC services in Sanford, FL. The search begins with making sure this team is local and can perform the right job, but then it can go in a variety of different directions. What makes an HVAC team worth your money? Why choose us over other HVAC teams in the area?

These are all questions that many homeowners in the area want answers to. Luckily, they’re pretty cut and dry. Today we’re going to focus on a few points as to why our team is the right one to choose for your AC repair, or any of your HVAC services. Our hearts are in this business, we’re family-owned, and some of our business practices go a long way for customers needing that extra bit of help.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let’s cut right to the chase. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is worth its weight in gold in this industry. With so many new pieces of technology, and homeowners being relatively new to systems like heat pumps, ductless mini splits, it’s important to back up our expertise with a guarantee.

This basically means we’re always confident in our ability to keep you comfortable for an affordable price. By offering this guarantee, we ensure you that there’s no risk in doing business with us. We’re always upfront and trustworthy, otherwise you get your money back!

Family-Owned and Operated

Being family-owned and operated in the Sanford area means we’re like your neighbors and friends. We grew up in the area, we’ve seen how it has changed over the years, and we’re more invested in it than other companies. Many satellite corporations move into areas like ours to provide high-tech air conditioners at 200% mark-up to make a pretty penny. We’re in this business to keep you comfortable at an affordable price, first and foremost. Why don’t you call today and join the family?

NATE-Certified Technicians

NATE stands for North American Technical Excellence certification. It’s one of the most well-sought certifications for HVAC professionals in the country. Being NATE-certified means we’re more than capable of repairing, installing, maintaining, and replacing your air conditioning system.

Basically, if you’re working with pros in this area that aren’t NATE-certified, then you should be cautious. NATE-certifications are fairly widespread and they signal to customers that our technicians have worked hard training and providing in-the-field work for all types of HVAC systems. A pro without a NATE-certification might only be proficient in one kind of system, thus leaving you locked without the options that our team might provide.

We’ve Been in Business Since 1997

Look, we know to many people, 1997 might not seem like that long ago. It’s hard to think our company celebrated its 23rd birthday recently! But this is important, because it signifies a business that’s been trusted by the community for a long time.

We’ve been in Sanford for a while, through thick and thin. We’ve also been able to stand on our own two legs as a company thanks to the support from our community and long-lasting customers that keep coming back. Our business depends on keeping customers like you happy for as long as possible, so we can continue to serve this wonderful community years into the future.

It’s time to call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating for reputable services you can count on!

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