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When to Replace Vs. When to Repair

An air conditioner can usually be fixed by a team of professionals like us. The problem we’re talking about today isn’t whether or not we can repair your system, it’s whether or not we should repair your AC unit.

Think about it, sometimes replacement will be more cost-effective than a quick repair. Replacement systems are usually higher efficiency than your old one, they’ll last for far longer than your current system, and sometimes they’ll even work better and keep you happier. All of these things equate to savings and comfort in the long run.

If you’re looking to maximize comfort and minimize your bills, then keep reading. We will talk about the few times that replacement is a better option than AC repair in Sanford, FL, and we’ll discuss why having your ancient system replaced can be an advantageous decision to make.

The Long-Term of Your System

Before we get into the signs of a replacement, we need to address this point. It’s vital that you think about the long-term longevity of your air conditioner. If your system is old, or it’s been running into problems for years, this is going to be a big red flag that you’re only going to experience more hardship down the line. You need to take a step back and examine the forest instead of the trees, if your system isn’t working as it should, then a replacement might be the way to right that wrong.

Signs of an Inevitable Replacement

Let’s take a look at these few problems. They’re huge indicators that you should seriously think about replacing your system rather than just getting it fixed.

  • Age. How old is your air conditioner? If it’s old enough to graduate from elementary school, or if you can’t count the years on your fingers, then it’s probably too old. AC systems are only meant to last between 10-15 years in the best of cases, so it’s a good idea to investigate a replacement if your unit is this old.
  • Frequent repairs. How often are you calling us for repairs? Once every few years is fine, but any more than that and there could be some underlying problem causing you distress.
  • Poor efficiency. An AC is supposed to cool your home for a reasonable price. If it’s running up your bill and causing your carbon footprint to exceed where it should be, then it might need to be replaced.
  • Lukewarm air. What’s the point of having an AC if it’s not keeping your home cool and dry? Let’s get you set up with a system that will.
  • An expensive repair. Here’s a good rule of thumb—if your AC repair costs half or more than the cost of a replacement, a replacement is almost always going to outperform the repair. This is the definition of cost-effective and we urge homeowners to think about this.

Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating is Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort. We’ll help you decide whether you need an AC repair or replacement. Call us today!

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