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Which is Better, a Heat Pump or a Central AC?


Heat pumps and central air conditioners are very similar to one another, and yet also vastly different. How do you know which one is the right choice for your home and family? We are highlighting the pros and cons of both systems so that you can make an educated decision when it’s time for your next HVAC upgrade.

You can keep reading to learn more about how heat pumps and central air conditioners operate and why you might want to choose one over the other. Then you can give our team a call for your AC or heat pump replacement in Lake Mary.

Pros and Cons of a Heat Pump

If you want a single system to control heating and cooling for your home, a heat pump is definitely the way to go. We have mild winters compared to our neighbors in the north. This means that we don’t need high-powered heaters to warm up our homes in subzero temperatures.

A heat pump absorbs heat from the air outside and transfers it into your home. Even when it is cold outside in the wintertime, there’s still some heat that can be transferred inside. A standard heat pump works great for our region and even boasts better energy efficiency and improved safety over other heating options.

You do have to consider that as an all-in-one heater and air conditioner, your heat pump needs maintenance twice each year instead of just once. You have to schedule service once for the unit as an air conditioner and once for the unit as a heater. 

All of the same components are working around the clock for both heating and cooling, so it’s important to keep up with maintenance because the heat pump can wear down faster. It doesn’t get a break in the off-season like a separate central air conditioner and heater would.

Another advantage to heat pumps is that they are available as ductless models, also known as ductless mini splits. These systems consist of multiple air handlers that are placed throughout rooms of your home. As you can imagine, this provides the unparalleled ability to achieve temperature zone control throughout your home.

Pros and Cons of a Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners operate very much the same way a heat pump does for cooling. They have a lot of the same pros and cons in that respect. The main point to consider with an AC unit is the energy efficiency rating since that will dictate how effective your unit is at cooling while using less energy. 

If you prefer to have separate air conditioning and heating systems, a central air conditioner is the way to go. With a central air conditioner, you can customize your heating and cooling needs a little bit more by choosing what type of heater you want. You may prefer gas or electric heating over the way a heat pump operates. 

The downside is that separate units take up more space. You need to have dedicated closet space for both the indoor AC and the indoor heater. If your home is smaller or you already don’t have a lot of closet space, this can be problematic. 

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