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What to Expect During AC Installation


Installing a new air conditioner is a big task. With the right AC installation in Oviedo, FL from certified technicians, it doesn’t have to be a headache–in fact, it can be a fairly streamlined process. That is, depending on a few things.

It would be nice if we could diagnose your needs and tell you it’s going to be a quick installation all through this blog post, but sadly, there’s always room for problems to come up during installation. These can range from ductwork problems to not having ductwork at all, having to remove part of the wall to install ductless units–the list goes on and on. For most air conditioner installations however, this is what you can expect.

Assessment (Pre-Installation)

If only it were as easy as calling an HVAC company and saying, “Hey, I need an air conditioner” and then they just show up and install one. It’s more complicated than that (mostly).

A qualified HVAC contractor will help you find the right AC size for your home, which type of unit makes the most sense for your needs (for example, central or ductless), and plan ahead for as many obstacles as possible.

Your Old Unit is Removed

On the day of the actual installation, your old unit and any parts that need to come out with it will be hauled off. Your HVAC contractors will then inspect what remains and ensure that they have everything set for a clean installation.

Ductwork Evaluation

Your existing ductwork should be in good enough condition to handle your new air conditioner. If your ducts have been replaced, or at the very least sealed within the last ten years, then you should be fine. If there are any major problems with your ductwork, testing and sealing may be in order.

Installing the New Unit

The big part is installing the unit and ductwork. Your technicians will mount the outdoor cabinet, ready the indoor electrical wiring, and hook everything up. During or after this step, they will also:

  • Install the thermostat
  • Test your unit
  • Provide you with maintenance and warranty information

Your technicians will clean up any debris from the old unit removal and leave the area as tidy as they found it. That’s essentially it–now you just get to enjoy your air conditioner. Just be sure to schedule your maintenance appointments as soon as possible so you can get on a good schedule and extend the longevity of your new AC.

Hopefully, it All Goes According to Plan

If all goes well, a pre-installation appointment and the actual installation itself will go smoothly. If not, it’s important to have the right professional technicians on your side to handle any unexpected bumps in the road as they appear.

It’s the exact reason why DIY AC installation is a no-go. It pays to have someone on your side that knows all the ins and outs of installation.

Contact Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule your air conditioning installation as soon as possible.

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