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This is How Important Air Filters Are for Your AC


Your air conditioner is meant to provide you with cool air above all else, but there’s an added benefit when you run your AC: it also improves your indoor air quality.

AC repair in Longwood, FL also includes taking care of your air filter. The thing is, it’s something you should already be doing in your home every 30-60 days to maintain optimal performance.

But why is it like this? How come you have to be the one to do it instead of leaving it for annual maintenance?

The air intake on your air conditioner needs more attention and care than the components that benefit from annual maintenance, and there are a few good reasons why.

Filters Pull Dust and Debris From the Air You Breathe

You don’t want to breathe in dander and dust, do you? First and foremost, the air filter in your AC helps you breathe better. As it pulls debris from the air, it takes airborne particles that can irritate your lungs while you’re trying to sleep, too. The thing is, this isn’t the main function of the air filter.

Improved indoor air quality is just a byproduct. Your AC needs to pull the warm air from inside of your home in order to pull it over the evaporator coils in order to function. But that doesn’t change the fact that when you change your filter, you’ll see dust and debris all up and down the filter.

Air Filters Keep That AC Going All Day Long

Your air conditioner builds up natural insulation on the evaporator coil, and that insulation is made of dust. Without an air filter, your AC would attract dust to the coil and prevent the warm air from passing over it.

That’s a problem because the warm air interacts with the refrigerant inside the coils, so if that’s not happening, your AC just doesn’t operate. This can actually lead to your air conditioner freezing and wearing down mechanical components as it tries to run anyway.

Filters Maintain Efficiency

With clogged, dusty filters, your AC isn’t able to pull in as much air as it’s supposed to. That’s a big problem for three things in your home:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Relative humidity (RH) levels
  • Your entire family’s comfort

Those filters keep your air conditioner running smoothly so it can pull humidity from the air, attract and trap dust and debris, and provide the shortest possible cycle times to cool your house.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Air  Filters

Now that you know all of this information, you’re among the rank of homeowners who realize how important your air filters are. Changing your filter is paramount to your indoor air quality, air conditioner operation, and preventing your system from freezing up (which can cost you a lot in repairs).

Set a reminder on your phone, on the calendar that’s on your fridge–whatever way you choose to remember, just do one thing: change those air filters. You can do a lot of good for your AC this way.

Contact Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule maintenance or repairs for your air conditioner as soon as possible. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort.

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