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Is it Your Thermostat or Your Furnace? Let’s Find Out

Your furnace has a lot of working parts, so when it doesn’t work, it’s reasonable to assume something inside of it has failed. Something is getting in the way of it functioning the way it’s supposed to. But in reality, your furnace might be 100% A-okay. The real culprit could be your thermostat.

When we handle furnace repair in Oviedo, sometimes we find that it’s the thermostat all along. That might sound like a really specific and unique problem, so let us explain why your thermostat might be the reason your furnace stopped working.

Your Thermostat Can Make Your Furnace Look Like the Bad Guy

Your thermostat has a very specific job: it reads the temperature of the room, and then compares it against the temperature you set as the target. It sends either an “ON” signal or an “OFF” signal to your furnace, and your furnace does as it’s told.

So what happens when your thermostat isn’t giving the right signal to your furnace? It could be reading the room temperature incorrectly, and even if that’s just by a couple of degrees, it makes a big difference. That could be enough to make your house feel cold enough that you’re expecting heat, but no heat comes.

You can recalibrate your thermostat on your own, although it may be difficult. If you don’t have a paper manual that came with the thermostat, that’s okay–you can use a PDF from the manufacturer’s website for the instructions.

Check Your Air Filter Before You Go Any Further

Your furnace may be malfunctioning just because your air filter is dirty. While the dust and debris that an air filter captures is good because it doesn’t stay in the air we breathe, that’s not why your furnace has a filter in the first place. It’s because as a forced air system, it needs air to operate. Capturing the dust is just a bonus.

The filter acts as a way to catch dust and debris so that it doesn’t sit on the internal elements of the furnace. Otherwise, it could very easily impede operation, especially if it builds up over a few months to a year. The problem is that the filter gets clogged over time and doesn’t allow air to pass through. You should switch your filter out every 30-90 days depending on use, although the former is usually the best option.

When You Can’t Figure it Out

Your furnace could be the culprit, but it’s not a guarantee. The problem is, it’s not exactly easy to diagnose this kind of a furnace fiasco over a single blog post–it’s something that needs to be looked at by a technician. While you could change out your furnace’s air filter or calibrate your thermostat on your own, if those don’t work, then the problem is unfortunately more complex than you can do on your own. You need a professional.

Let’s Get it All Fixed

Whether it’s your thermostat or your furnace, there’s no way to know for 100% certain unless you have a professional technician come in and handle it for you. We’ll diagnose the problem, provide a solution, and get it taken care of as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your home comfort before you know it.

Contact Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule your furnace repair as soon as possible.

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