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3 Ways Duct Cleaning Helps Your Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s air quality isn’t just mildly important or something you should pay attention to a little bit–it’s critical to your health, your sleep, and even avoiding illnesses. We know you care about your home air quality, but it’s time to double down on it.

When you get air duct cleaning in Sanford FL, you actually improve your indoor air quality while also helping your AC and heating system at the same time. Let’s explain how.

Rids Your Air of Extra Dust and Debris

While there’s some information that says the dust in your air ducts doesn’t impact your indoor air quality, there are some caveats you should take into consideration. For one, that’s assuming that air ducts are properly cleaned and maintained, and many homeowners unfortunately don’t even know how often they’re supposed to have their air ducts cleaned in the first place.

Depending on use, those air ducts need to be cleaned once every three to five years. Usually, it’s better to assume the former; that way you don’t get massive dust buildup. While it’s not an IAQ-related reason, we want to put an honorable mention for this service in here: it helps your AC and heater’s efficiency by cutting down on air resistance, so that’s a hidden bonus beyond air quality.

Removing Ideal Mold Growth Conditions

While dust itself isn’t going to cause mold, it can become a breeding ground for it if mold spores are introduced into your ductwork through the air intake. If you’ve ever dusted something and then noticed a smell afterwards, that’s likely mold spores. Dust on its own doesn’t really have much of a smell.

When these mold spores latch onto dust, they can multiply and create breathing issues when that dust eventually breaks off and floats through the air that comes out of your vents. If there’s minimal dust there in the first place, the chance of this problem is greatly reduced. Remember: mold isn’t just a scent-related problem; it causes respiratory issues and worsens allergies as well.

It Makes it Easier to Sleep (Seriously)

Did you know that good air quality is related to getting proper sleep? While a bit of dust in the air won’t keep you up at night, it can make it harder for your body to enter REM sleep. If you achieve REM sleep, it can make it harder to stay there, too.

Your respiratory system has its own filtration: mucus. It captures dust and debris that come into your lungs, and turns it into waste within the body. The problem is, this system is limited, and you don’t want to exert it while you’re trying to sleep, which is when the body heals. Enough dust inhalation during sleep could cause you to cough, rouse you from deep sleep, and interfere with the many stages of sleep.

Don’t Delay, Get Duct Cleaning Today

Duct cleaning comes with so many benefits that you could really use in your home right now. You know your indoor air quality could use a boost, so why wait? Contact us today and schedule your next duct cleaning appointment so you can breathe easier, and of course, have cleaner surfaces without all that dust in the air.

Contact Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule your air duct cleaning as soon as possible.

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