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Couple Your New AC With a Maintenance Agreement

So you’ve just bought a new air conditioner! Congratulations. While you pop the champaign and enjoy the comfortable temperatures wafting in through your home, we suggest you ride this wave of positivity to some more improvements that can be made! For instance, now might be the perfect time to sign your brand-new AC unit up with a maintenance agreement.

Does your new AC system installation in Altamonte Springs, FL have a warranty? Was it an expensive purchase? Then both of these are great reasons to invest in a maintenance program to ensure it lasts as long as possible and the warranty remains intact. A new air conditioner might be in its best condition, but the best tool to protect it going forward is routine maintenance that occurs on a yearly basis.

Keep reading as we get into the details about why maintenance plans are so effective, and why now is the best time to invest in one.

Why Maintenance and Why Now?

This is a two-part question and we’ve got two answers that get right to the point.

Firstly, maintenance is vital. It’s required for an air conditioner whether you just purchased it or if you’ve had it for five years. Without maintenance, you’ll see a net increase in your energy bills, more repairs crop up, and ultimately poor performance from your system. Your home just won’t be as comfortable. This is why maintenance is so important, it’s a service designed to keep your air conditioner running as intended.

Maintenance should be invested at the moment you purchase an air conditioner. Many homeowners want to weigh their options and we understand that, but keep in mind that it’s important maintenance services get scheduled every year. Each year of missed maintenance can, on average, increase energy consumption by 5% through wear and tear.

Basically, now is the perfect time to become a part of our maintenance plan. There are also a ton of benefits that come with a maintenance program, so the earlier you partake in it, the better!

The Preventative Benefits of Maintenance

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

AC maintenance provides you with some great benefits that we’ve listed out below. Remember that it’s never too late to invest in maintenance, and you’ll always get something from being a part of our club.

  • It sets your new AC up for success. You’ll feel better the moment you sign that paperwork. Maintenance ensures your system is protected, and that feels great.
  • It improves efficiency and lowers costs. Maintenance appointments are designed to mitigate problems, as well as improve efficiency and performance.
  • It makes sure your system lasts as long as possible. An air conditioner can only last to the 10-15 year mark with routine maintenance.
  • It ensures your AC’s warranty is protected. Most warranties require yearly maintenance in order to remain active.

We could go on and on, but the bottom line is that maintenance helps. It’s time to protect your newly installed air conditioner with a maintenance plan designed to keep you happy and comfortable!

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