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The Problem Could Be in Your Ductwork

It’s a frustrating experience for sure, calling for air conditioning service in Winter Park, FL over and over again. But the issue isn’t really being resolved as much as you’d hope and you’re wondering what the problem is. It sounds like the professionals you hired are doing their job, but what gives? Is there some invisible issue hidden within the casing of your AC’s outdoor cabinet that’s causing you problems?

Unfortunately, there’s not an invisible problem with your AC. At least we’ve never come across any supernatural causes for concern. However, the answer could be simpler than you think.

Ductwork is required to transport the cooled air from the AC system to the rooms of your home. If there’s something wrong with your air ducts, then it could feel like your AC is constantly on the fritz when it’s not. Temperatures could be too high, there could be poor airflow, and your home could just not be comfortable. Let’s find out if your ductwork is to blame!

When Good Ducts Go Bad

Love them or hate them, air ducts are absolutely necessary for central air conditioners and other centralized comfort systems.

Ducts come in all shapes and sizes, but their sole use is to transport the cooled or heated air from your centralized air conditioner or heater into your home. They usually snake through crawlspaces and basements so they’re not in sight, since ducts can be kind of ugly and displeasing towards the aesthetics of a home. Either way, they end up where the vents are in your house, to expel the comfortable air so that you can finally feel it.

However, there are a few problems with air ducts which we’d like to focus on.

The Creation of Tears and Holes

As temperatures rise and fall throughout the year, your air ducts will expand and contract. While this sounds benign, and most systems in your home are designed to expand and contract on a seasonal basis, your air ducts need to be sealed tight. As they expand and contract, the tight seal of your air ducts will weaken and holes or tears will develop.

This means you’ll start having conditioned air leak from your air ducts into the crawlspace and your basement where you can’t feel it! This is most likely the problem you’re dealing with, and it requires extensive work to seal your air ducts so your home can return to its normal efficiency.

Cycling of Contaminants

Don’t forget about contaminants! Dust, debris, and bacteria can flow and get stuck in air ducts very easily. Perhaps if there’s a foul odor permeating through your home, the source could be in your air ducts.

Unfortunately, homeowners don’t have the tools and experience required to clean air ducts appropriately. Only a team of qualified professionals like us can fix this problem without causing more damage in the process.

You Don’t Need Ducts

Not every comfort system uses air ducts. If you’re finding your home comfort being constantly ruined by ducts of poor quality, then why not consider a ductless system? Ductless HVAC systems like heat pump mini-splits can accurately heat and cool an entire home without the use of air ducts at all. Just call us to learn more.

Call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating to have your ducts sealed or cleaned today! Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort.

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