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Use Sunshine for Your Heating Efficiency!

We live in the good old sunshine state, so we figured it would be appropriate to have a blog post dedicated to sunlight! It’s seriously great, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a gardener, a hard worker, or even a pro-napper. Sunshine is essentially part of what powers our whole world, and wouldn’t it be great if it helped you heat your home?

Well, when it comes to heating in Longwood, FL, sunshine does greatly affect your heating bills. The less you’re utilizing the sunlight that comes through your windows and onto your property, the more you’re probably paying for conventional heating methods like a heat pump or a furnace. So, let’s talk about a few strategies that you can use to maximize sunlight while minimizing the heating bills. Who knows, there might be a few days where you don’t even need to run your heater because it’s just so bright, warm, and sunny in your home!

Sunlight Is Radiant, It Heats Through Objects

Sunlight is what we call in the industry, radiant heat, which means it heats through objects. Like when you touch a pan that’s been on the stove and you get burned, you’re touching something that has been heated by something else. The heat goes from the stove, through the pan, and into your finger. Sunlight operates on the same principle.

Whatever sunlight touches or reaches will warm up. So, your roof can be a huge source of heat in your home because it will soak up the heat that comes from all the sunlight that shines on it!

Open Up Those Blinds!

Let’s steer away from your roof for a second and more towards one of the prettier aspects of your house–your windows! Windows are an excellent source of heat on a sunny day, and they’ll help make your home more efficient when you let the sunlight in.

On a chilly day that’s got plenty of sunshine, try opening up the blinds or curtains for those windows that let the sunshine in. The sun will instantly make your home feel warmer with zero extra cost to you!

Upgrade Your Windows

There’s a very good reason why double-paned windows are an industry-standard these days. Double-paned windows are great at stopping airflow between the inside of your home and the outside while allowing all the sunlight in! So, in order to take full advantage of the sunlight on a sunny day, you should invest in better windows.

Double-paned windows are a great idea, and there are other window upgrades like frame and trim upgrades you can invest in to maximize the comfort and efficiency of your home’s windows!

Invest in an Electric Heating System

Do you know what else we use sunlight for? Electrical energy! Electric furnaces and heat pumps are wonderful ways to heat your home, and they might even be able to use solar panels as an energy source! Look into available options near you by calling our team for support.

Call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating to learn more about ways to utilize sunlight in your home. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort!

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