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It Might Be Time to Retire Your AC

As the rest of the country starts to buckle down for a cold winter, we’re lucky enough to enjoy more sunshine and warm weather for at least the majority of days to come. Even with our chilly nights, we still depend on our air conditioners to help us sleep on particularly warm nights, and even to fight the humidity that can make our homes uncomfortable.

For our customers who may have older air conditioners, the time might be quickly approaching when you may want to have the system replaced by a newer, more energy-efficient AC. Especially with new SEER2 regulations on the horizon, this might be your chance to save big on an air conditioner that will keep you comfy in the future.

Let’s talk about ways to find out if your system is old and needs replacement, or if you just need AC repair in Lake Mary, FL.

How Well Does It Work?

First, let’s start off with the easiest question to determine the condition of your old air conditioner. Does it work well? These systems are comfort systems, which means their main goal is to keep your home comfortable on hot days. If it can’t do that, then it might be time to replace it with a system that can.

Before you set your mind on that, we urge customers to contact a professional to take a look. It could be that the system is just plagued with a single repair that’s keeping it from reaching its full cooling potential. Or, maybe it’s on its last legs and needs to be replaced. Only a licensed pro would know the answer to that.

How Efficient Is the System?

What’s the SEER or HSPF rating of the system? Do you feel like you pay too much in energy bills month after month? If the SEER rating is too low, or you feel like the unit is costing too much energy to run, then you might do better with a high-efficiency system upgrade.

Or, your system’s efficiency problems could be the result of a broken component. Be sure to check with a pro to find out if repairs or replacement are right for you.

How Old Is the Unit?

Age can be a simple yet effective way to determine if your air conditioner is in need of replacement or repair. An air conditioner that’s 5 years old, for instance, still has a lot of mileage left and can get a lot of benefits from a simple repair. A system that’s 12 years old, however, is going to run into a lot of different problems and will likely benefit more from a replacement.

Does It Need Frequent Repairs?

Here’s a quick tip—an air conditioner that needs frequent repairs is almost never worth the investment. AC systems are only supposed to need a repair every once in a while, like every few years. If you’re finding that your system needs many repairs in one or two years, then it’s likely something sinister is going on under the hood and the unit needs to be replaced.

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