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Early Signs Your Ductless HVAC Needs Repair


Today’s HVAC units offer so many benefits for your home and family. But since they are much smaller than a more traditional central unit, problems can worsen very quickly. It is important to identify ductless AC problems early and get them addressed before they lead to your unit breaking down completely. You can give our team a call when you need Sanford ductless AC repair.

Even if you’re not sure what’s going wrong, you can give us a call and tell us what you are hearing or seeing. We may be able to give you some troubleshooting options to complete on your own or schedule a service appointment to come visit your home. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about some of the early signs that can indicate your ductless HVAC unit is struggling and needs some professional help.

Unusual Sounds

Hearing unusual sounds is especially concerning when you have a ductless mini-split unit. These units are well known for being very quiet to operate. Experts compare the sound of a ductless unit to the sound of a person breathing. Except, a ductless mini-split is usually quieter. 

Because of this, hearing any unusual sounds – even if they aren’t particularly loud – can mean that something is wrong with your ductless mini-split. If it is at all possible, you should turn the unit off completely so that it does not continue operating and exacerbate a problem.

Bad Odors

It’s also a red flag to smell bad odors coming from a ductless mini-split. The great thing about mini splits is that since they are each in separate rooms, it’s usually easy to pinpoint a bad odor coming from a single unit in particular. Most bad odors fall into one of two categories. 

The first is musty odors. This often happens due to condensate drain line clogs and moisture buildup inside of the unit that is potentially allowing mold growth. Our team can clean out the condensate drain line and offer some tips for monthly care to prevent the problem from happening again.

The second is burning odors. When this happens, something inside of your mini-split could be overheating. If your mini split is having to work too hard against a broken component, other components may overheat as they attempt to pick up the slack. Ductless mini-splits are highly efficient and work very effectively, but problems can be much bigger inside of a mini-split because of how small the units are. Addressing them sooner is very important and caring for your units.

Lack of Airflow

You may also experience times when your mini split has a lack of airflow. This can happen to a mini split just like it happens to larger central air conditioners. Mini-split filters are smaller and may need to be cleaned more often. 

Instead of taking out an old filter and throwing it away to replace it with a new one, you simply clean it out and place it back in again. If you don’t do this, airflow may be blocked coming into the system because of excess dirt which will also reduce the amount of airflow that the unit can put out.

Call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating if you need service for the ductless HVAC unit in your home. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort!

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