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Can You Recharge Refrigerant on Your Own?

The short answer to this question is no, but we know that most of our smart customers won’t be satisfied by that. All it takes is one good look at an expensive air conditioning repair bill to send homeowners to consider a refrigerant recharge on their own. While we understand the sentiment, there’s a lot at stake and it might result in a more expensive bill down the line.

When considering AC repair in Sanford, FL, you need to take into account the future. Professional repairs will keep things functioning properly for the long term, while DIY repairs might not be able to last as long. Refrigerant is a chemical that requires extensive knowledge and technical expertise to recharge, otherwise you could see some problems with your AC and your personal health!

Read on to learn why recharging refrigerant on your own is never a good idea.

The Chemical Composition of Refrigerant

First, we need to talk about what refrigerant is. Unlike the word “refrigerant” that’s sometimes used to describe water, or water-based substances in other appliances, refrigerant in your air conditioner is a very specific type of material. It’s usually going to be a mixture of difluoromethane and pentafluoroethane, chemicals that can evaporate and condense quickly while bringing high amounts of heat with them.

Remember that refrigerant leaks can happen anywhere in your air conditioner, and the refrigerant is not always going to be liquid. Sometimes, the refrigerant will be leaking as a gas which is a lot more precarious of a situation. This is not like fixing a plumbing leak.

These kinds of chemicals are not to be handled without proper licensing and certification. Not only might you be harming your home and the health of your family, but you might also be hurting the components of your air conditioner.

Don’t Forget Health and Safety Concerns

Breathing in gaseous refrigerant, or touching liquid refrigerant can lead to some serious health concerns. Unless you’ve got proper training and the right safety equipment, it can be hard to tell where the refrigerant is coming in contact with your body and the immediate effects might not be evident.

Refrigerant contact can cause irritation of the lungs and stomach, and it could seriously harm your skin when it comes in contact with your body. Remember, this is a chemical that’s designed to draw heat and disperse it powerfully, it’s not designed to be handled by untrained individuals!

Patching the Leak Is Vital

Also, we want you to consider the fact that recharging refrigerant is only one small part of a broader issue. We need to discover where the leak occurred, patch the leak, and also consider why the leak came about. Refrigerant leaks don’t naturally occur and it’s up to you to figure that out when trying to do all of this yourself.

That’s why the smartest and most affordable course of action is to call our team for support. We’ll locate the leak, patch it, recharge your AC’s refrigerant, and discuss with you why we believe the leak came about and how we can help.

Call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating if you suspect a refrigerant leak in your home. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort!

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