Take The Pain Out Of Your Air Conditioning Installation

Taking the Pain Out Of Your Next Air Conditioning Installation

air conditioning installation in Lake Mary, Florida

When it comes to the great big list of “things homeowners dread doing”, having a new air conditioning system put in is probably near the top for most people. That’s understandable, after all; nobody likes to have to do it, but all the same, at some point you will likely end up having to do it. Here at Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ve been providing the highest quality air conditioning installation in Lake Mary, Florida for years now, and the truth is, we’re only getting started. We take all of the hassle out of the shopping and installation processes, leaving you to spend time on what really matters, like you know, your life!

Get The Basics

Many companies offer comprehensive air conditioning installation, but only Facemyer can provide 24/7 on call support, professional and fully insured installation, and expert knowledge and advice for improving the longevity of your new system. We stand by 100% of our work, and our specialty lies in leaving our clients so happy with the quality of work, they handle our marketing for us. As a family owned and operated business, we have always thrived on our ability to serve our customers better than anyone else.

Things To Consider

There are plenty of companies out there that provide a shoddy installation, and what’s worse, these companies usually don’t even rely on trained professionals. You might be able to find a cheaper rate with these types of companies, but just keep in mind that you truly do get what you pay for, and that’s especially true in the HVAC industry. If you have to have repairs done to your replacement AC system 6 months after having it installed, did you really save any money, or did you end up wasting hundreds whenever no one is there to insure the work?

air conditioning installation in Lake Mary, Florida

This risk is one you shouldn’t take when it comes to you and your family’s health and comfort. The lowest rate shouldn’t be your number one focus, even though you should focus on the most competitive rates, to be sure. We always try and ensure that our customers feel as though they are getting twice their value for the prices we charge, and we fully insure every single one of our installations, as well as the installers that carry them out.

If you feel like a new AC system is on the horizon for you and your family, go ahead and give us a call today at 407-358-7070. At Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating, it’s our promise to you that you will receive professional and courteous services for extremely competitive and fair prices, no matter what we end up doing for you. From the simplest of repairs, to the largest and most complex installations, we’ve delivered the absolute best air conditioning installation in Lake Mary, Florida, and we’ll continue to do so for years to come. Give us a call today; we think you’ll be happy that you did.