Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Due For A "Spring Cleaning"

Signs you’re Due For A “Spring Cleaning” When It Comes To Your Air Conditioner

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Spring is just around the corner and families in our community are gearing up for Spring Break. Make sure you’re ready for warmer months ahead by getting an AC repair or maintenance scheduled.

Why Spring is the Right Time for Air Conditioning Repair

Spring is an excellent time to get your AC ready for the warmest months of the year. January and February have been in the 60s to 80s, so while you’ve been running your AC some, you will be relying on it way more this spring as it warms up and humidity creeps up on us. Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating is ready to help you get an air conditioning repair in Sanford, FL so you’re ready for whatever comes your way weather-wise. Here are signs your AC needs maintenance or a repair.

  1. It’s been a year or more since you last took care of your air conditioner. Think back, when was the last time a certified HVAC specialist looked at your AC? If it’s been a year or more, your air conditioner is due for a maintenance appointment. This is a responsibility homeowners understand as a way to keep the value of their investments. Getting an annual cleaning and inspection will help protect the lifespan of your AC and help you avoid costly, large-scale repairs. It’s also important you keep up on your end of maintenance. You should be changing air filters on your AC once every one to three months to help prevent clogs and keep air quality high.
  2. Your AC bill is rising. When you haven’t changed your habits when it comes to cranking up the thermostat, your AC bill should be fairly predictable with a well-maintained AC. When you notice bills creeping up, your AC isn’t performing at its best and it’s costing you more and more to run it to cool the home. Instead of ignoring the problem and letting bills loom over your head, you need to get a repair done. Your AC might have a clog or mechanical issue that will just get worse if you let it go.

air conditioning repair in Sanford, FL

  1. You notice your AC isn’t cooling as well as it used to. If it feels like your AC isn’t getting the job done like it did in the past, your thermostat might have a wiring issue preventing it from communicating with the compressor and condenser to get the house cool. There are many other possible causes, but bottom line; you need a technician to come diagnose the repair needed.
  2. Strange noises from your AC are scaring the children. We admit, maybe the kids don’t actually pay much attention to the AC unit, but you should call if you’re noticing gurgling, buzzing, thumping, or humming sounds coming from your air conditioner. Reasons range from the motor being slow to start, a damaged condenser, or the electrical wiring coming loose. Bottom line, these sounds won’t just go away on their own, but they can make the problems worse if you wait to address them.

Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating is ready to help you gear up for spring. Call us for air conditioning repair in Sanford, FL today at 407-358-7070.