The Seven Weirdest Sounds Coming From Air Conditioners

Seven of the Weirdest Sounds Coming From Air Conditioners and What They Mean

AC repair service in Sanford, FL

When you’ve been in the heating and cooling business for twenty years, you’ve seen it all. But some scenarios are still surprising, even to our experienced technicians. This year, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary here at Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating, we thought it would be interesting to put together a list of the sounds we’ve heard coming from customer’s AC and HVAC systems. From the more common and mundane signs people need AC repair service in Sanford, FL to the weirdest instances, we hope you enjoy this list. While some of these are sure to cause a laugh, if you’re hearing any of these sounds, you should give us a call. It’s better safe than sorry, and usually these odd sounds are signs you need a repair done.

  1. Bang, bang, bang! Repeated bumping noises might sound like someone is knocking at your door at first, but they usually are actually signs something is loose inside the AC, and this can be an expensive repair. We’ve found loose connecting rods, crankshafts, and piston pins as the culprits inside many AC units when customers have called reporting this sound.
  2. A slow hum. Not really something out of a horror movie level, but a quiet humming sound is usually from a motor starting slowly or failing to get going. In these cases, when we open the outdoor portion of the AC, there’s usually been a capacitor or compressor motor failure. The good news is replacement fixes the issue.
  3. Any kind of electrical buzzing is a danger to try to fix without proper training. We’ve discovered burned or loose contactors or a bad connection leading to these sounds as the AC tries to work. Usually, your AC will still function when you hear a buzzing sound, but it’s putting a lot of strain on the electrical parts.
  4. This halting sound is the sign of large amounts of pressure building up inside the compressor. It doesn’t make us think of the lovable, dorky character Screech from Saved by the Bell! It’s a dangerous sign of a serious issue, turn off your system immediately and call us.

AC repair service in Sanford, FL

  1. Clanking sounds. Usually, this has been a loose compressor. If caught right away, we haven’t had much issue in repairing units with this problem, but when customers have waited for the sound to go away, internal damage has made it more complicated and expensive to fix.
  2. Gurgling, bubbling noises. Almost always, this sound has been a sign of a refrigerant leak we can seal up and refill. Sometimes customers have opted to just replace their AC when leaks start happening because there’s no guarantee it won’t keep occurring. We can check with you on the cost of repair versus replacement to see what makes sense if you’re experiencing this issue.
  3. Snake-like hissing. Similar to the bubbling sounds, this usually has been a coolant leak.

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