Knowing the Early Warning Signs for Your HVAC System

Knowing the Early Warning Signs for Your HVAC System

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Do you ever feel like some people just understand the language of computers? They just seem to be able to navigate them with effortless ease, while you struggle with even basic tasks? The truth is, all kinds of technology have this unwritten language, and we use it every single day. Learning your HVAC system’s language will allow you to become aware of the early warning signs that your system gives you, and will allow you to be better prepared for when a serious issue strikes. In order to avoid having unnecessary air conditioning repair in Lake Mary, FL, here are a few signs you need to know:

  1. Strange noises

If you begin to hear odd noises coming from your system, it may be a sure sign that something simply isn’t right. Any sort of squeaking, scratching, or rumbling noise might be cause for concern, so if you’re experiencing any of these, it’s best to call right away. The issue, while probably not too serious on its own, can become a very costly repair, or even a replacement over time. TO avoid this, be proactive and get it looked at today.

  1. Little or no cool air

This one should come as little surprise; if you aren’t getting any air, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got an issue on your hands that warrants your attention. This could be something as simple as an issue with a faulty thermostat, or as complex as a failure of the air pump itself. Regardless of what causes this issue, it can quickly become a very drawn out process if not looked after immediately.

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  1. Spotting moisture where it shouldn’t be

Occasionally, we will notice that moisture starts to build up around the HVAC unit itself. In some cases, this can simply be a buildup from a blockage in the drain tube, whose job it is to keep this very thing from happening. In other cases, though, you could have a refrigerant leak on your hands; something far more serious that needs to be handled right away.

  1. Strange odors

Just like noises, a strange smell coming from your HVAC system is an immediate giveaway that something has gone awry. You might experience a burning smell, for instance, if you’re having a wiring issue, and a musty, moldy smell might point to a buildup in your vents that needs to be taken care of. Getting these under control is essential, so that they don’t spread further and become an even bigger issue than they already are.

If you’re experiencing one of the symptoms above, it’s probably time to have air conditioning repair in Lake Mary, FL done. At Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop for all of your heating and cooling needs. Reach out to us today to get your home back on track!