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Is It Time for an AC TuneUp?

Ac Tune Up

Spring seems to be taking a bit longer to transition into summer this year. That makes it easy to put off making that all-important call for an A/C checkup. However, the best times for an ac tuneup are early spring and late fall as the unit is used less during the months between November and April. It’s also a less busy time for local Florida HVAC professionals like Facemyer Air Conditioning & Heating, making it simpler to schedule an appointment for your Orlando home.

Several items indicate it’s time for the unit to be checked regardless of the season. Examples include:

1. Strange sounds from the air conditioning unit: There’s a tendency to brush aside soft squeals and rattles from the a/c system until they’re more noticeable. Ignoring signs of trouble causes additional wear and tear to one of the most useful appliances in the house. Call to schedule an ac tuneup when you notice a problem. Immediate care may eliminate a temporary breakdown in the unit and save money by fixing the problem before it gets more expensive to repair or results in the need for a new unit.

2. Calendaring a cleanup schedule: Like much of Florida, Orlando and the surrounding areas are affected by sandy beaches and the ocean’s salt water. Salt, sand, and other small particles clog up the filters. Regular service reduces the risk of wear and tear on your unit caused by overworking due to plugged filters. Quick removal of salt prevents buildup and lowers the chance of rust. Don’t chance losing a comfortable indoor climate for lack of proper service.

3. It’s time for an ac tuneup if you’re having to adjust the temperature to a lower number to get the cool air that actually feels comfortable. The condenser plays an important part in keeping the unit operating properly. Its coils are located outside, making them susceptible to buildup of dirt and other debris. It’s easy for the condenser to get clogged and be overworked. Facemyer air conditioning technicians include this type of cleaning in their standard maintenance check. If you notice a problem such as an increase in energy costs or the A/C unable to cool the air properly, it may indicate an overworked unit likely to break down.

Be proactive in your air conditioning unit’s maintenance by checking the air filter each month and replacing it with the same sized filter when needed or no later than 90 days since the last change. Clean around the outside area to prevent foreign objects from getting into the unit. If you have any questions about the proper steps, ask your tech during the next checkup.

Review the completed checklist after each ac tuneup. It’s a simple way to note any possible problems with the air conditioner. Your technician will point out any items that may need repaired or replaced in the near future or alert you to things that need attended to now. Schedule an appointment by calling Facemyer A/C in Orlando today at 407-358-7070.