Comfort Club

Comfort Club

A Comfort Club Maintenance Plan Keeps Your AC Unit Performing at Peak Levels.

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Our Exclusive 24 Point Inspection and Cleaning

  1. Check thermostat operations & calibration
  2. Check blower amps
  3. Check heater operations - amps/burners/safety
  4. Check/Clean/Replace customer supplied filter
  5. Check blower assembly for loose bolts and alignment
  6. Check indoor coil for dirt and debris
  7. Clean drain pan and flush primary drain line
  8. Check safety switch operation
  9. Check cabinet for health hazards
  10. Check temperature splits
  11. Check all electrical connections
  12. Check state of electrical boards
  13. Check for excessive vibrations
  14. Check all safety controls
  15. Check outdoor fan blade for balance and lubrication
  16. Check outdoor motor and compressor amps
  17. Check operation of reversing valve
  18. Brush out electrical cabinet
  19. Check refrigerant charge
  20. Check valves for any leaks and ensure snug fitting caps
  21. Check and remove debris in and around condenser
  22. Wash outdoor coil
  23. Check condenser level

Comfort Club Service Plans