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What You Should Remember About a Broken-Down AC

Did your air conditioner just sputter out and turn off? We urge homeowners not to panic when this happens, even when temperatures are high. Anxiety can lead to arguments among the family and some rash decisions, and mix those hot tempers with high temperatures and you’ve got a bad combination. Instead, rest assured knowing that there’s a team like ours that can help you when you need it. Take a second to call our team if you need an actionable step right now to fix your AC.

However, when it comes to air conditioning repair in Sanford, FL, there is something major that we want customers to remember. While the cost of repairs might be high and seem worth it, it might actually be better to replace the unit as a whole if there are certain problems plaguing the system. Keep reading to learn more about a broken-down AC.

Evaluating the Condition of the System

When your air conditioner breaks down there should be one main priority–getting it fixed so it can keep your home comfortable during our record-breaking high-temperature days and nights. However, while this should be your highest priority, it might not be what’s needed for your home and your system. Air conditioners don’t last forever, and the older they get, or the more outdated they get, the less likely they are to work efficiently and effectively.

Imagine how bad it would feel to spend money to have your broken-down air conditioner repaired, only for it to barely cool your home enough for you to stay comfortable and happy. That just doesn’t sound like a result that’s worth the effort.

We want customers to evaluate the condition of their air conditioner as it’s getting fixed. Here are two ways to make that process a bit easier.

Maintenance Can Help

You might have wondered why we post maintenance blogs and PSAs in the springtime. Well, the simplest reason is that we’re trying to get homeowners prepared for the incredible amount of stress we will put on our ACs when the summer temperatures hit. Maintenance appointments can be a great opportunity to see a breakdown coming and address it before temperatures are hot.

Call for a Professional Opinion

Look, you don’t need to make the choice to replace or repair your air conditioner alone. We can help you, and oftentimes we’re one of the best resources to take advantage of! There are many factors that can contribute to a broken AC being a lost cause, from the age of the system to the efficiency levels. Talk to us about your experience with your air conditioner, and we’ll work hard to give you what you want.

Remember–repairs will always be cheaper than replacement costs, but replacement costs almost always last longer. It’s important to find where your unit fits in, and how you can better save money and stay comfortable.

It’s time to call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating for a system evaluation. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort. 

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