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Tips for a Loose or Broken Component in Your AC

It’s a quiet day and you’re relaxing reading a book and enjoying some air conditioning. In the moment, nothing could be better than this, until you hear the slight sound of “rattling” coming from your air vents. That rattling quickly turns into clanging and banging, and all of a sudden you’re worried about the state of your air conditioner. You shut the system down, but it’s a hot day and that’s just not an option when there’s an inclement heatwave or high humidity. What do you do?

Well, before you take your wrench and start opening the lid to your air conditioning system, we’d advise you read this blog or call our team. There are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to central air conditioning repair, and messing something up can be a big problem for customers down the line.

This might be a situation best left to the pros, as we’ll explain below!

Don’t Try the Repair Yourself

First things first, you’re probably going to make things worse if you try to repair this problem yourself. We’re not saying that fixing a small broken component is extremely difficult, but the inside of an air conditioning unit is very sensitive and even one small jolt in the wrong direction can break an integral part and cost thousands of dollars to fix. Here are just two reasons why trying to fix a broken component inside of an air conditioner is a bad idea.

Voided Warranty

Doesn’t it feel nice to have a warranty on your system? Whenever something goes wrong, you can just call a professional to have it fixed and they’ll usually cover the cost. That’s great!

Unfortunately, many warranties have fine print that doesn’t allow a customer to try and fix a problem themselves. The moment you try to open that air conditioning unit and fix the problem, you could void the warranty and make it so that you have to pay for any and all repairs in the future. That’s not good!

Making Things Worse

Even if you don’t have an AC warranty, trying to fix a system yourself could only make things worse. There are electrical components, pressurized components, and even gases inside of your air conditioner that can be released if you’re not careful. This can not only damage your system further, but ruin its efficiency and make your home feel worse.

Try to Evaluate the Damage From the Outside

Since trying to look at the inside of your system is not really a good option, try taking a walk around your air conditioner to evaluate things from the outside. Perhaps see if the system is working properly or if its cooling power is hampered. This information can be important since it will help us diagnose the problem and correctly fix it.

Relay the Information to a Pro

When you call us for help, it’s vital that you tell us where you think the problem is coming from and what it’s like. This can help shorten the time it takes for us to fix a problem and even lessen the labor charge since we can fix it quickly and effectively. Let’s work together, just make sure you don’t void your system’s warranty and open the unit up.

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