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This Little Sensor Could Be Causing All Your AC Problems

Your air conditioner runs when it needs to, then it stops when it doesn’t. You don’t have to do anything other than set the temperature to make that happen, but today your AC doesn’t seem like it’s doing its job. In fact, it isn’t stopping, and the air coming out isn’t warm, but it isn’t cold either.

So what’s that all about? It’s a bit complicated, but it’s an issue we see with air conditioning in Sanford FL. It could all be a little sensor on the inside of your blower motor. The bad news? It does need a repair call, but the good news is that you’re not replacing a compressor or anything in that ballpark. Here’s what you need to know.

First, Let’s Talk About the Sensor in Your Blower Motor

Your AC has a blower motor that’s responsible for pushing air through your ductwork. It creates the necessary air pressure for you to actually feel the air coming out of your vents. There’s a sensor within the blower motor that acts as a resistor, resisting the flow of electricity for variable speeds.

The blower motor could be fine, and your air conditioner could be generally fine, but if that sensor isn’t working properly, it could be blowing more air than necessary. That doesn’t sound like it would impact how cool the air is, but this is where things get interesting.

That Sensor Can Overheat

A resistor’s entire purpose is to resist the flow of electricity. When you have a variable speed fan, or any electronic that can operate in different capacities (high settings vs. low settings), you need a resistor. The machine itself doesn’t inherently know how much power to use; the resistor helps in that regard.

In your blower motor, the resistor is also connected to a heat sink. The byproduct of electricity is heat, so when all that electricity comes through the resistor, it produces heat that needs to be offloaded. It converts to the heat sink where it works to disperse it.

When your sensor isn’t working properly, it’s not resisting the flow of electricity to match the desired function. Then the blower motor receives too much power, so it goes at maximum capacity, and the heat sink builds up heat until it impacts the air around it, effectively warming it just a little. That’s why it’s taking a long time to cool your home down, and why the air from the vents isn’t warm, but it’s surely not cool and comfortable, either.

So What Now?

This is a job for an HVAC repair technician. It’s a small sensor and has to do with the electrical system of your air conditioner, so it’s certainly not a DIY job unless you happen to be a licensed electrician and feel like taking on the task.

Schedule Repairs as Soon as Possible

Any time it comes to something electrical, you want timely repairs. Don’t wait around for this electrical failure to impact other parts of your air conditioning system. Let’s get our technicians in there to fix the issue quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home comfort.

Contact Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule your air conditioner repair as soon as possible and get your comfort back on track.

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