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5 Common Problems With an AC

AC repairs can be hard to figure out from a customer’s perspective. Every time something bad happens, it can be easy to get anxious and think about whether or not your system is broken down for good or if it’s on its way out. Well, when you’ve got a team of professionals that truly care about your home comfort and your budget, it makes your life a lot easier.

Today, we want to alleviate some stress in some of our customers by talking about repair needs that can be fixed with professional service. While these problems are common, they’re tricky. A professional has the right tools and experience to provide you with proper air conditioning repair in Winter Park, FL.

Don’t panic! If you notice that your AC is plagued with one of these problems, then you can count on our team to have it fixed properly.

The Common Culprits

One of the benefits we have of being professionals is knowing what can be repaired, and what shouldn’t be repaired. The problems down below are usually always better off being fixed by a pro, so we urge you to contact us to get started with the quick and reliable fix of your AC system.

  • Clogged air filter. Your air filter is the only component on this list that you can actually inspect or change on your own! The air filter is located in the return air duct and it can get clogged up with dirt and debris when left alone for too long. If you’re having trouble changing your air filter, or you’d like a professional to replace it, then be sure to call our team for support.
  • Refrigerant leak. Your air conditioner requires refrigerant to properly cool the air in your home. If it starts to leak refrigerant, that capacity will be hampered and it will need to work harder. Refrigerant leaks can be exhibited through higher energy bills, bubbling and hissing noises, and just generally lower comfort levels in your home. Call us to patch the leak and recharge your air conditioner with the proper amounts of refrigerant.
  • Blower motor problem. The blower motor is responsible for sending the conditioned air into your home so that you can feel it. When this component malfunctions or stops working, it can feel like your AC (even though it’s working) isn’t sending any cooled air into your house. We can get your blower motor back up and running again.
  • Thermostat miscalibration. The thermostat functions like the brain of your air conditioner. It sends signals to your air conditioner in order to get it to turn on or off, depending on the internal temperature of your home. If your thermostat isn’t working properly, or it’s in the wrong location of your home, then it’s going to signal the wrong thing and lead to a compounding issue in your AC.
  • Broken AC component. There are many components in your AC that can break down and inhibit the cooling process. Luckily, our skilled technicians are trained at diagnosing and repairing any AC problem that you might encounter.

Contact Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating today to have your air conditioner repaired properly. Exceeding Your Expectations With Comfort.

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