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AC Repair in Sanford, FL

AC Repair in Sanford, FL

Summer is a horrid time to encounter an AC repair problem. Sadly, this is the time when many AC units tend to let homeowners down. Besides the discomfort of your house not having cool air circulating through, you will also have to pay for costly repairs that may have been avoided.

Get Routine MaintenanceAC Repair in Sanford, FL

Among the most critical steps you can take in terms of maintaining your AC system is scheduling a yearly tune-up. Another air conditioning maintenance tip is to always include a system of monitoring your unit throughout the summer. This way, you avoid emergency breakdowns and costly repairs.

For home owners, it is very wise to take maximum advantage of the springtime weather to have your AC equipment inspected by professionals. Getting routine check-ups, repairs or maintenances carried out over the cooler months of the year ensures that your AC unit is functioning fully come summer time.

Timely Repair and Replacement

After carrying out a thorough inspection of your unit, we will advise you on replacement or if general repair is going to be adequate. Typically, in most cases, only minor Air Conditioning repair is required. Our repair and maintenance services are comprehensive, covering everything from simple AC cleaning, to the most thorough AC repair or replacement.

Trouble Shooting Services

Every home dreads the moment when the AC stops cooling the house. No matter how you try to adjust and turn the AC thermostat, nothing seems to work anymore. Nothing could be worse than sitting around in a hot, humid, and sticky home, especially when Facemyer Air Conditioning & Heating is only a call away.

We carry out a full inspection, do the required repairs, and advise on best AC maintenance tips. Facemyer Air Conditioning & Heating is licensed and certified to carry out AC maintenance and repair service for every make, model, or brand of AC. We also undertake 24 Hour Emergency Service throughout the Week.

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