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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Sanford, FL

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Sanford, Oviedo, and Lake Mary, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Owning an AC system is not without responsibility. This investment is probably something you have worked many years to see become a reality and if you really want to make the most of your money spent, maintenance is your path to the good health and performance of your equipment. Air Conditioner Maintenance in Sanford, FL should always be thorough and explore every possible area of your equipment, leaving nothing to chance and no possible problem uninvestigated. The team at Facemyer has almost 20 years experience to their name and with so much on the job learning opportunity, we have gained knowledge that is priceless and skill that cannot be bought.

Maintenance – The Full HouseAir Conditioner Maintenance

When you hire Facemyer to undertake your AC Maintenance Sanford FL you are guaranteed that the results will include an enhanced performance, energy-efficiency and of course, a few added years to the life of your equipment.

Our professional team is adept at following a regimented schedule where maintenance services are concerned. We follow a checklist with each Air Conditioner Maintenance in Sanford, FL to ensure that nothing is missed. Each item is marked off as completed and any work or notable characteristics are mentioned in writing. This is for future reference as well as to keep you up to speed on what is happening with your air conditioning system should you require the information.

A head to toe inspection is carried out and the necessary remedial work is done. Electrical connections are secured, drainage pipes cleared of any obstructions, filters are changed, refrigerant recharged, and a complete visual inspection carried out. Any flaws, cracks or defects that could affect the efficiency and cost-effective operation of the system are repaired. During our AC Maintenance Sanford, FL, we are careful not to leave out the ducting. This is an imperative part of any AC system as it is the means by which the air travels to the vents and into your home. Any visual flaws that could lead to the leakage of forced air are remedied. Once we are completely happy that everything is in perfect running order, we carry out a major clean of the unit, vents and the ducting. A dust-free system provides indoor air quality that encourages good health for your family members and it also ensures your bank balance remains healthy with a lot less spent on operational costs.

Call Facemyer today on (407)358 7070 to find out how our maintenance plans can take a load off your shoulders. The responsibility becomes ours for a small monthly fee that is well-worth it. All you need worry about is switching on and enjoying the cool comfort you deserve. We are the number one contractor for Air Conditioner Maintenance in Sanford, FL in the business and we guarantee that our maintenance services will keep you in an environment which you can only dream about.