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AC Maintenance in Lake Mary, FL

AC Maintenance in Lake Mary, Oviedo, and Sanford, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Is maintenance really a necessary part of owning an AC? The answer s a solid and very pronounced YES! If you want continued and uninterrupted service from the equipment you paid so much for then it cannot be put off. The contractor you employ to carry out your maintenance on a regular basis should be one that is known for their good service and efficient, effective work. Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating is on call twenty four hours a day for all your AC requirements. Our AC Maintenance Lake Mary FL is renowned for the results that we provide. Increased longevity and performance enhancement are well worth the money spent on maintenance services.

The Importance of Maintenance AC Maintenance in Lake Mary, FL

Some people may be under the impression that regular maintenance on your AC is not required and is simply money making scheme cooked up by professionals in the industry. Of course if you have owned an AC for some time, you will understand that this is in fact not the case and the value of regular AC Maintenance Lake Mary FL is invaluable in the pursuit of clean indoor air and continued environmental air management.

Your AC equipment is mechanical in nature and as is characteristic of this equipment, moving parts form a very large part of the unit. Anything that works with moving parts will be prone to wear and tear which if left unattended can result in breakdown.

Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating provide maintenance services that keep wear and tear in check. By catching any degradation of parts in the early stages, we can prevent an imminent breakdown and a costly repair. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your equipment stabilizes energy-efficiency and prevents nasty surprises when the utility bill arrives. An unmaintained system that has not been cleaned of late will subject you to increased costs in utilities because of the strain put on the equipment to provide what it always has. Indoor air quality is paramount to the health of your family and a well-maintained, clean system will allow only clean, fresh, oxygen-filled air to circulate. The eradication of allergens, dust, mites and like from the air will reduce the instances of allergies, asthma and sinus related illnesses and will lift the mood and energy levels of all who experience it.

Call Facemyer today on (407)358 7070 and allow us to give your equipment a thorough once over. All our AC Maintenance Lake Mary FL includes the cleaning of the equipment and associated ductwork. We understand how busy life can get and that sometimes the furthest thing from your mind is that your AC needs its maintenance service. We offer maintenance packages that are affordable and comprehensive. We take the burden on us to ensure that when you require that cool comfort, your AC delivers.