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Marcia Long's Profile Image
Marcia Long, 3+ years ago

Our ac stopped working on Mother's Day and the ac service we usually use was out of town until Tuesday. As we did not care to wait thst long, we checked with our online Neighborhood recommendations and as this was the most recommended service, we called them. They came out within an hour, fixed the problem and we are very grateful!

Bryce Gibson's Profile Image
Bryce Gibson, 3+ years ago
Connie Enright's Profile Image
Connie Enright, 3+ years ago
Stephen Luciano's Profile Image
Stephen Luciano, 3+ years ago

Being after hours, Farris responded very quickly, was very knowledgeable and friendly. He quickly diagnosed the problem, but unable to repair as a part needed to be ordered. Excellent service. Thank you!

Phillip Preedom's Profile Image
Phillip Preedom, 3+ years ago

Ferris got right to work and was friendly and efficient

Valli Boungard's Profile Image
Valli Boungard, 3+ years ago

Best service we've ever used. Really appreciate it.

William Dorna's Profile Image
William Dorna, 3+ years ago
Harvey Eidenberg's Profile Image
Harvey Eidenberg, 3+ years ago

Facemyer is highly recommended by us to install/service your A/C system. We're lucky to have found them.

Guy Everett's Profile Image
Guy Everett, 3+ years ago
Manley Rusho's Profile Image
Manley Rusho, 3+ years ago

SUPER Office gal and service guy are the best

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