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Tim Goad's Profile Image
Tim Goad, 3+ years ago
Nathaniel Benson's Profile Image
Nathaniel Benson, 3+ years ago
Lorraine Holland's Profile Image
Lorraine Holland, 3+ years ago

I cannot say enough in one short review about how wonderful Facemyer A/C & Heating has consistently been over 20+ years of using! I am a single woman and they treat me with respect and dignity (rare trait these days!). I've not only purchased two complete A/C units over the 20+ years (first one still worked, I just decided to upgrade to a better SEER) and I've always had Facemyer perform a maintenance check twice a year. I just can't believe how knowledgable and trustworthy their tech's are. In particular, I've had Ferris as my tech for more years than I can count, and he always feels like a long lost friend when I see him! He knows my system inside and out, and gives great feedback following my services. I trust his judgement and that of the entire Facemyer company. After 20+ years, my builder still utilizes Facemyer to install and update all her new homes, or remodel jobs. You won't go wrong with Facemyer!

richard narea's Profile Image
richard narea, 3+ years ago

Everyone has been great. Unfortunately we may part ties due to pricing on a new system

Doreen Licitra's Profile Image
Doreen Licitra, 3+ years ago
Carl Rainwater's Profile Image
Carl Rainwater, 3+ years ago

A quick appointment upon calling and prompt at appointment time. Ryan was friendly and went right to work checking the entire unit. All was good and he changed our filter. Excellent service.

Earl Witmer's Profile Image
Earl Witmer, 3+ years ago
MGM's Profile Image
MGM, 3+ years ago
David Kennedy's Profile Image
David Kennedy, 3+ years ago

We have used Facemyer in several of our properties and the service has always been exceptional! They are our "go to" source for all AC related services.

Elizabeth DeRose's Profile Image
Elizabeth DeRose, 3+ years ago

Rodney Ferris was prompt, professional and thorough when performing our 6 month A/C tune ups for both my home and investment property. I feel confident that our A/C's are in good hands with Facemeyer!

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