5 ways to keep your bills low and your house cool this summer

5 ways to keep your bills low and your house cool this summer


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We all love leaving the front door open and hanging out outside as the days get nicer and nicer. Everyone loves the feeling of an open window with the breeze blowing in the springtime. But no one loves opening utility bills and seeing big numbers. Air conditioning installation in Sanford, FL is essential and can be expensive, so it’s important to save money and keep your AC working at optimal performance as much as possible.

As summer approaches there are a number of things you can do to keep your AC running efficiently and save money.

  • 78 degrees

78 degrees is the sweet spot for many AC systems, although it may be a little warmer than you normally set your AC at, it is far more efficient. It’s like driving on a long, straight highway and setting your cruise control, this allows your system to run at its optimal settings and not work too hard to continually cool your home. If you are comfortable, you could even bump it up to 80 and save a little more power. Small changes can add up to big savings over an entire summer of use.

  • Is your furniture letting the AC flow?

This may seem silly, but your furniture can really get in the way of your AC system without you every noticing. If your couch is covering one of your AC vents, it sure is enjoying all that nice cold air, but as it absorbs all the hard work your AC unit is doing, you don’t get to experience any of the cooling. Furthermore, because your couch is being cooled and not the air in your home, your AC unit will continue to work harder and harder to pump out cold air to cool down your couch. See how this can be a vicious cycle?

Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating

Move your furniture around so that all your AC vents are exposed and circulating air efficiently. If you just can’t find a way to move that pesky couch off of an AC vent because it just won’t fit in the room any other way, then close the vent that is beneath the couch so that the cold air can be redirected to another vent where it will cool you down, not your couch. You may have to apologize to the sofa but with enough time, it will certainly forgive you.

  • Buy a couple fans.

A simple solution to increase the effectiveness of your AC system in the summer is to buy a couple of fans to help circulate the cold air. Air conditioning installation in Sanford, FL is a must because we get so much heat and for the same reason, fans practically fly off the shelves in the spring and early summer. Make sure you pick up a couple before the worst heat hits.

Fans not only help to keep your AC system working efficiently, but they can also double as a great way to get that extra cool down on a particularly hot day or after you have been exercising.

  • Close vents in your basement.

Cold air naturally sinks and basements are typically the coldest part of your house. If you have a floor below ground level, try closing all the AC vents on that floor. After all, that floor is probably always cooler than all the others in your house anyways and the cold air from the upper floors will naturally sink down to the basement. This allows all the hard work your AC is doing to start upstairs and cool your house from the top down. Might as well use science to your advantage and save energy with this easy trick.

  • Service your unit.

Possibly the most overlooked and obvious way to save money on AC is to service your unit. An old, deteriorating or poorly maintained AC system will use more power to get the same amount of work done. The money you spend on having a professional service your system will be quickly given back to you in energy savings on utility bills this summer.

Be sure to call Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating before the summer heat hits for an air conditioning installation in Sanford, FL or a servicing of your old unit. Our phone number is (407)358-7070.