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Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating is a premier provider of heating and air conditioning services in Orlando, Sanford and the surrounding Central Florida areas. We offer a wide selection of residential and commercial HVAC services, including:

  • Orlando AC repair
  • AC maintenance
  • AC replacement and installation
  • Heating repair & maintenance
  • Heating replacement and installation
  • HVAC preventative maintenance.

We also provide indoor air quality solutions and a variety of accessories to enhance your comfort.

See what your neighbors say about us:

I just wanted to compliment the three crew members who did our install yesterday. They were all very professional and did an awesome job….went over and above; exceeded my expectations.

Jason also was wonderful and very helpful. I will certainly recommend Facemyer to my friends for their future Heating/Air Conditioning needs. You should be proud of your employees

Janice S - Lake Mary
As an independent woman who asks a lot of questions, Facemyer has always answered all of my questions in detail without hesitation. I enjoy that any time I call and need something, I know I will speak with a person and not a machine.

I love Facemyer’s quick response time and their customer service is like no other. Facemyer is awesome!

June R - Sanford
You guys have been a pleasure to work with!!! Everybody at your office is very easy to deal with, friendly and always willing to help. Also, you get out right away when we call for a service call.

We’ve dealt with some companies that get so big that you lose a connection. It’s refreshing to call your office because everybody knows who we are and are always willing to make things right!

Kathy S - Lake Mary
Mr. Facemyer,

The service team far exceeded our expectations. Team leadership was phenomenal. We are 100% satisfied with product and installation. You have a great team!

John - Winter Springs
The installation went really well. With all the A/C companies I’ve dealt with in the past, Facemyer is, by far, the best. I’m really glad I chose Facemyer and extremely happy with the installation of the Air Handler and Heat pump. All the technicians were professional, courteous and friendly. I will definitely choose Facemyer in the future as well as recommend Facemyer to my family and friends.

Keep up the great work.

Steve - Apopka
Dale just left and everything is running well. He was one of the guys who kept my old unit running. He’s such a good man!!

I cannot even begin to find the words to Thank You for all the trouble you went through for me. In the years since my husband passed away I have had to deal with so many dishonest workers . . . . roofers, car repair, etc.

I am so thankful to have found someone I can rely on and who will be there for me. I thank God for you and ask Him to bless you and keep you always in His care.

Nancy - Orlando

100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed. Click here for more.

You don’t think about your AC until it doesn’t work, leaving you uncomfortable in your own home: sweltering in the heat, or chilled in the cold.

The Facemyer Comfort Club Maintenance Plans help you sleep well at night knowing your AC is well maintained, last longer & performing at it’s maximum level.

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Did you know?

It is VERY important to keep your condenser coil clean. If you don’t you can expect:

  • HIGHER electric bills: When the coil is covered in dirt, your air conditioner uses 30% more energy than it needs to
  • Decreased comfort: Since the condenser coil can’t cool down the heat because of the dirt build-up, the refrigerant can’t cool down enough to produce colder air for your home.
  • Higher chances of your system breaking down: Since the air your system blows into your home isn’t very cold when this problem occurs, your air conditioner needs to run much longer to match your thermostat setting, increasing your system’s wear and tear.
How to Improve the Efficiency of your AC
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Great energy saving tip for Summer.

Consider adding to your landscaping. Planting shade trees near your home can greatly reduce the amount of heat gain on your roof, put less strain on your AC and keep your house cooler.
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Noises coming from your air conditioner might be something as simple as a loose cover, but the Facemyer Experts are able to differentiate the simple from the complex problems to keep you cool and comfortable.

Here are some of the noises you may hear, and what could be causing them:

1. Rattling is a common noise with air conditioners, as the various fasteners throughout the machine can eventually come loose.

2. Whistling is generally the result of seals which aren’t doing their job properly. This is most common along the cracks and seams of ducts as they exit the central unit and attach to the duct work that carries the air throughout the home.

3. Screeching - Screeching could be an early warning sign that the blower motor bearings are wearing out or the blower wheel has come loose, both need quick attention before causing additional damage to the system.

4. Thudding - Thuds mean something is loose and flying around within the air conditioner unit while still attached to a turning motor.

With any of these noises, call Facemyer immediately at 407-358-7070 to have one of our experts examine the noise. It could save you from a more expensive fix or replacement in the future.
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Keep grass, leaves & weeds from blocking air flow on the outside A/C. This will allow it to keep your house cool and it can work more efficiently.

Need service? Visit or call 407-358-7070.
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Consider upgrading to a new high efficiency AC system.

Think you’re saving money by repairing that old unit?

Maybe not. An older, lower SEER system may be costing you more to run and repair than a new system.

Plus, newer technology provides better overall comfort and reliability.
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